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The MegaMoo Journey

Mega Moo is relentless in the pursuit of producing premium quality better for you beverages. Mega Moo and the employees of CFM Beverages have the combined experience of over 80 years in the beverage industry. In the past 30 years child obesity has grown almost 300%. As a company we are relentlessly passionate about making sure children have an alternative better for you natural beverage choice to help them grow healthy and strong.

We are fully committed to our communities and environment. Our products are not only packaged in fun and appealing way, they are also in an earth friendly recyclable Tetra-Pak. Moreover, because our line is shelf stable and we do not have to constantly refrigerate, we reduce our carbon footprint, lower fuel usage, green house gases, and lower energy usage. We provide scholarships for children across the country, and opportunities for them to attend prestigious schools and universities. We are passionate, committed and relentless about seeing our communities grow healthy and strong.

Check out the pictures and watch the Mega Moo Journey!!!!!!